Nothing rhymes with "lead refrigerator".

I could get used to this poetry thing.

Really, the hardest part is figuring out what I want to say. But once I've got that established, it's just a matter of fitting the right words in the right places. It's kind of like Sudoku, except that you can show it to others once you're done.

And much like last time, I've circumvented the first step by delving into fanfiction. Although I'm pretty happy with the end result, since it seems like I might be talking about metaphors for life, when I'm actually just referencing the timeline from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Not that this is the end result quite yet - I think there are a few synonyms and prepositions I have yet to tweak. But, it's close enough to warrant sharing - so voilĂ !

For truth and wisdom, ask the earth
The road to glory has a map
In time, all things will rise in worth

Gouge the soil, it does not hurt
The prize it guards, it did not trap
For truth and wisdom, ask the earth

The raven's call will guide your thirst
from dampened ditch to mountain cap
In time, all things will rise in worth

Half the riddle's solved with words
the sun lights the remaining path
For truth and wisdom, ask the earth

Fear not the treasure hunter's curse
Look not at what you have in hand
In time, all things will rise in worth

The journey must go on, but first
the doctor dons his favourite hat
For truth and wisdom, ask the earth
In time, all things will rise in worth.

See what I mean? I'm not talking about following the call of nature to go out and explore and sate your spiritual thirst; I'm talking about finding Marion Ravenwood in the Himalayas during a drinking contest.

"The curse of the treasure hunter" isn't to be discontent with what you've just found, and to always yearn for the next discovery. No, the curse is something that will melt your face off if you look at it.

Still, if anyone ever wants to publish this... well, hopefully they won't have read this blog entry.

Our little secret, okay?

Oh, and here's a little bonus content:

There once was a scholar named Marcus
Who found himself lost in the dark-us.
He cried for a week
In his best Ancient Greek
'Til he found his way out of the park-us.

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