Fish versus Fruitcake.

If you're reading this blog, chances are good that you know me pretty well already. I talk a lot about music, curling, my trips to strange Arctic lands, culinary adventures, video games, my writing, and "Canadian identity" issues. I don't talk too much about television, or motorcycles, or sport fishing... unless I'm making fun of Calgary.

You might, then, assume that I don't really have a lot to do with any of those things, and you'd be right.

So why my parents decided to get me this, as a souvenir of their four-month stay in Las Vegas, is somewhat beyond me.

I've never seen an episode of Orange County Choppers in my life, and yet I feel I could give you a synopsis of the show, just from interpreting the vehicles I see in this city bearing their decals. In other words, there was quite enough O.C.C. in my life before I became the owner of their bass-styled theme-casino motorcycle replica. I was happier then.

I must admit, though, the detail is impressive:

Fishing hook spokes? I have to salute that level of ingenuity.

Regardless, there's one other thing about me that you couldn't tell from reading this blog: I don't handle logos well. Wearing a shirt with the words "Medicine Hat Dragon Boating" on it made me feel uncomfortable, even when I was on the Medicine Hat Dragon Boating team!

So imagine, then, what I think about a television show building a bike themed after a chain department store in order to create advertising for a casino in Las Vegas, and then selling a replica of the advertisement in their gift shop. I get itchy just looking at this thing. It's remarkable, really - I don't think I've ever received a less fitting gift in my life. It's like I now have a better understanding of who I am, by looking at that and knowing who I am not.

Still, I said "thank you", and accepted the gift, and then my parents served homemade chicken soup for supper, and it was wonderful to see them again, after so long.

It really *is* the thought that counts.

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Laina said...

Oh this made me laugh. I am enjoying the triumphant return of your blog!

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