The wrong turn of Froese.

Today was an interesting day: The Walrus Expedition's Official Log arrived in my inbox this morning. A full report of all the events, along with some interesting commentary. For example, my dancing was described as "Unquestionably Lethal". Now, that by itself is enough to let me die a happy man, but I also had the privilege of seeing a poem I wrote included. I'll let you read it for yourself... and try to find the one small error they made.

Blue towers watched us watching
As we sailed to Radstock Bay
We manned the decks in hopes to see
Our Expedition's name.

A branch, a rock? A shoal, a flock?
'Twas all a distant haze

'Till three large stones the shade of bones
Got up and walked away.

The whisper roared throughout the ship:
"Polar bears in sight!
The barren shores of Devon
house a family in white!"

The mother kept her cubs alive
throughout this slow September,
while all our cameras zoomed and whirred
in order to remember.

My frames were out of focus,
my hands shook like a die,
but the pictures still show who was there;
The polar bears and I.

-Denton Froeme

It's so nice to be published... less nice to have your last name misspelled, though. Ah, well. At least now, I have the unparalleled joy of saying, "That wasn't me! I've been Froemed!"

Really, a pun that awful makes it all worthwhile.


Joe said...

Oh Denton you always make my day. At least it wasn't misspelt on a diploma or award. I have that happen to me endlessly.

Patrick said...

One small error, eh? Hmmm... let me see. Indenting, check. Iambic tetrameter intact, check. Name spelling to > 91% accuracy, check. Must be an incorrect stanza break between stanza 2 and 3 then. Yes. Definitely. They accidentally inserted an incorrect line break. Did I guess right?

p.s. Congrats on your dance-tastic infamy, by the way! I would expect nothing less.

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