Evil Ball! The Triumphant Conclusion!

Well, it's been a while since I started this, but upon my return, I was delighted to see that the votes had finally tipped towards a clear winner. Thanks again to everyone who voted, and double fine thanks to everyone who commented. And, the winner of the Evil Ball:

Let's hear it for subtitles! It's Captain Shrovewreaker!

And now, here's the new Captain Shrovewreaker adventure, for your enjoyment. I realise that not all the notes in the song are on-key... can we just pretend that it's in character for him? Thanks.

Incidentally, did you notice the bruised and battered visage in that final scene? That's how I looked as I ducked into the Safeway Sunday afternoon, looking for a last-minute prop. Naturally, the only person I could possibly meet like that would be the Chief of Security at the Greenhouse.

A wee bit of explaining was necessary... but I think I've regained his trust. We'll see what happens when my ID card expires, I guess.

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