Why so serious?

The last comment to my post about comments (uh-oh, I'm slipping into a self-referential loop) mentioned hated laughter, and my reply flippantly referred to the powerful and terrifying God of the Internets. That, in turn, reminded me of one of my favourite quotes:

"God is a comedian in front of an audience too scared to laugh."


So go ahead, laugh, and don't worry about whether or not anyone knows.

(That reminds me -- I still haven't seen The Dark Knight yet.)

(On the other hand, I'm still not sure if seeing it in the Medicine Hat multiplex won't ruin the entire experience.)

(For comparison, I saw Batman Begins at the Grande Prairie Cinema 6 without a worry.)

(Apparently, I'm applying to be the Headmaster of House Parentheses. I should stop now.)

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