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Ah, today was a truly glorious day. Why? Because some fellow somewhere out there on the Internet actually did a search for jabkinder, and he found a post I wrote back in January about that wonderfully unique word. And he loved it!

It's renewed my commitment to the word, and reminded me of my promise to use that name in my next novel. So, a reminder to everyone: There is now an official term for "a single name which replaces both the given and the family names", and that term is "jabkinder".

"Madonna", "Prince", "Bono", and "Logan" are all jabkinders.
"Mr. Dressup" is not, since a first name is clearly implied.
"Dude" is not, because the Dude's name is still Jeffrey Lebowski.
"Kramer" definitely was, until his first name (Cosmo) was revealed.

So, there you have it. A new word for the ages.

Like I said, that comment really made my day. It was even enough to help me get over the fact that my friend got to ride in a tank today, and I didn't.

Well, almost.


Anonymous said...

Many times, I do not comment on your posts because they make me laugh, and everyone hates internet laughing.

Denton said...

Even putting aside the hated Internet laughter, I don't worry too much about getting nice comments. About 97% of this blog is directed purely towards my friends, after all, and my friends already know that even if they don't laugh, it won't help. : )

This commenter, though, was one of the 3%, which I had filed into a little slice of the pie labeled "Internet". Thus, when he replied, it was like the Internet herself was speaking to me, in one of its myriad voices.

mike l said...

The internet is not a seafaring vessel.

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