Not a South Park reference.

Told to me at work today:

"My first thought was, Oh My God, they killed Denton."

Now, they did not kill Denton, nor did they attempt to do so, nor would Denton have allowed himself to be killed, were that the case. But still: I love my job.

However, the Greenhouse has been asking for a lot of my time lately, so my time it shall have. But it's not like you've been missing on any wonderful stories in the meantime. I've been playing Diablo 2, and I got stopped by cattle for about twenty minutes on the weekend. That's it.

I do, however, have one thought which I shall pass on -- if all Volvos are "male", then where do new Volvos come from?

I ask you to imagine, deep in a rune-lined cavern in Sweden: The Queen Volvo. She is the Alpha and Omega of all things Volvo. That which bears her name must obey her will.

I'm totally making her into a comic-book villain some day, but if anyone wants to beat me to it, have at it.


mike l said...

Stop stealing my jokes or I will read your blog and point out all the mistakes. Also, how have you restrained yourself from editing the wastepaper boxes on the third floor?

Karen said...

I might do this. Have you met my Volvo? You'd like Stanley.

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