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I'm home again, I'm home at last, I'm home, I'm home for the first time in years! Greetings and good day to you all -- I'm writing this from the writing room (naturally) of the brand new condo!

The move in was no problem at all. The move out was even better -- as a matter of fact, my damage deposit was larger than expected -- and unpacking box after box of childhood memorabilia, although arduous, was hardly unenjoyable. So why am I so happy to be done at last, and after such a long absence?

Let us just say that Telus and I have reached an agreement, by which the healing process can begin.

Enough of that, then. On with the future!


Hm. You'd think I would have thought of something clever and pithy during that week of downtime.

Ah, well. Now that I'm back, I'm sure I'll be more entertaining tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

you are always certain that you will be wittier tomorrow, but it never happens.

Denton said...

That's the "sea change" definition of tomorrow. You know, the sort of tomorrow where you wake up one day, and you can't really think of a time when I haven't been witty.

I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I sure love days like that.

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