Do not use hairdryer while sleeping.

One of my favourite sources of black humour is "retroactive prevention": the act of putting up a specific warning on something only after a very specific accident has occurred. The Simpsons hit this one on the head when Groundskeeper Willie put up a "Caution: Well" sign next to the one which Bart fell into.

On a similar note, I was out for a walk today down the Riverside Valley. There's a series of steps leading down a hill, up a walkway, over a train track, and right down to a path to the South Saskatchewan River. Everything but the final path is in the brush, surrounded by flora and fauna. And in the middle of that route, 106 steps down from the top and 80 steps up from the train tracks at the bottom, and surrounded by wilderness, there's a three-metre level patch of concrete. On each side of that? A brand new sign reading: "Caution: Slippery."

I can't help but think that in order for that sign to go up, some poor schmoe managed to find the worst place in Medicine Hat to possibly sprain one's ankle.

Get well soon, buddy.

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