Cards of Sorrow, Cards of Pain.

As I said earlier, I've gone to mattresses, trying to throw out all the stuff I don't need before the big move (which, saints preserve me, is this Thursday). Now, the time's come to pack up the useless bric-a-brac, though, which I'd never part with. Part of me is a packrat still.

Some highlighted items:

-a bottle of water from the Colorado River, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
-a fake skull (from an art project I promised Swan Hills, but never completed)
-a length of really, really nice rope from the water lab days in Regina
-an "Authorized Personnel Only" sign from the same
-a shotglass from Whitehorse that I *still* intend to give to a friend from Saskatoon one day
-a machete from the consigliere (timely enough, it was a gift for helping him move)
-a deer antler from the day of Derrek's spiritual de-pantsing
-a bead necklace from L'Anse Aux Meadows
-the toy Mini Cooper I got from Loretta and Adam as a thank-you for MCing their wedding
-the rock that got thrown through my car window on my last day of work at Swan Hills
-the pipe I used for my MCing at the Edmowrimo 2007 festival
-a top hat I bought for no other reason than that top hats are cool

When I look through that collection, I remember who I am. Those are my photo albums. That is my Batcave. Tellingly, it speaks nothing about what I've achieved, but volumes about who I've been lucky enough to know.

Sorry to get sentimental on you, folks. I just felt like joining in on the rites of Spring. Happy Easter!


Joe said...

Yay top hats. I also bought one just because I think they are cool. But I wore mine several times. Most notably to the dance clubs Top Hat and Tails. There were only two top hats, and both worn by females.

Adam said...

I'm glad Loretta and I chose well when we thanked you for your services.

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