High Fashion.

Today, I booted up the ol' ATR/IR for the first time all year. The background scans were clean, and everything was well-aligned, but I still wanted to test it before we had to depend on its data. So, with a little bit of care, I was able to put a fold of my Hawaiian shirt into the the sampling area.

Now, the IR's library matching software doesn't tell you what the sample is, or what it's made of; it tells you how close it is to everything else it has in its library. Our library, naturally, has a wide variety of household chemicals, industrial chemicals, toxic chemicals, and "other" chemicals. Where would my shirt fit in?

Out of the Top 20 matches, it's (1) a 90% correlation for polyester.

And (2) a 52% match for cocaine.

Looks like that shirt isn't so much "psychedelic" as it is "stimulating".

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