Fresh from the greenhouse.

Work update #1: I guess I really am learning a lot of new things at this job. Today, for example, not only did I manage to make the mass spec (check the price tag) do something it's never done before, but I've learned to enough to list at least a dozen ways in which this new problem shouldn't even physically be possible. Ah, never a dull moment.

Work update #2: My division at work received the following e-mail from one of our own:

>From: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx
>To: Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Denton Froese, Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxx
>Subject: group photo, 9-11 microns
>Hello all,
>At some point this summer I'd like to take a group photo for possible use
>in presentations. Just for fun, I'd like to use the thermal imager.
>Who knows: between nine and eleven microns, maybe
>Denton's pant legs will match?*/

I will be forever grateful for this e-mail, for nothing else could have allowed the following reply.

>From: Denton Froese
>To: Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: group photo, 9-11 microns
>I hope you're not asking me to wear my hot pants...

Some days, my life is a better one than I deserve.

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