No, what he said was, "to bluff".

There's something aggravating about the anime series "Full Metal Alchemist". While watching it, one can almost envision the checklist its production committee used. The logic is sadly common: "If we do everything that other popular shows do, we'll have a popular show!" Arrgh... that's not the aggravating part, though. What really gets me is that despite this, it's actually quite a good show. Alas! My smug sense of superiority, deflated by crazy fight sequences and puppies! Anyway, as I tend to do with good shows, I watched through the credits, trying to file some of the more significant names for later reference.

And that's when I fell in love.

I suppose it's not surprising that I'd swoon over a voice actress, given the fact that I once collapsed at the Edmonton Auto Show because of the Kia showroom announcer. But this one's different. You see, in addition to having a great voice, her name is Colleen Clinkenbeard.


Is it possible not to love someone with that name? Even better is the thought that it might just be an alias, to avoid paying union dues in the strange underworld of North American dub studios. Did she come up with that name herself? My heart, it contracts rhythmically at the very notion.

This completely makes up for the auto show fiasco.


Laina said...

I really love your journal. I told my dad about the hawaiian shirt.
I'm sure you don't need the encouragement, but you are a spectacularly entertaining writer and person and this blog is in my favourites under "Daily Reads".

Gypsyhick said...

So... are we going on a roadtrip to meet Colleen Clinkenbeard?

Denton said...

laina: Thanks for the kind words! I just hope you made it clear that no, my shirts are not a polyester-cocaine blend.

cara: You really shouldn't tempt me. Don't forget, one of my 101 things to do is "Hug an American".

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