But I didn't *want* the combo meal.

Greetings, all.

I haven't updated this blog in a few days, but I regret to point out that it's because my life is occasionally non-interesting. I shopped for shoes (and failed), I rented Jackie Chan's Project A2, I've been giggling like Humphrey Davy over Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. Also, I went to Burger King, where I tried unsuccessfully to order a Chicken TenderCrisp Filet(tm) without calling it by its real name.

"Hi, I'll have the chicken sandwich."

"Which one?"

"The, uh, breaded... one. That's tender. Kinda sticks out around the sides of the bun."

(I point at the picture unhelpfully.)

And if you think that was odd, you should see me try to order a "Terminator Smoothie" at Booster Juice. It's an inefficient process.

So, that's what you're missing. No big loss, right?

In the meantime, here's the latest in trivia about my co-workers:

Our senior technician hates telemarketers, but this he's outdone himself this time... he has successfully gotten Telus to place themselves on his do-not-call list.

Yes, he's an inspiration to us all.

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