Barista for a week.

Earlier this week, I was helping out with accomodating some visiting VIPs (i.e. getting coffee), and during one of their meetings, one of my co-workers noticed a safety officer poking around with the control panel. Out of curiosity, we approached.

"Excuse me... is there a problem here?"

"Oh, no, no," he replied. "We're just getting ready for the fire alarm test."

Glances were exchanged. "Fire alarm? Today?"

"Yep, it's already been scheduled."

"I...see. Have you mentioned this to the three dozen international delegates in the room across the hall?"

"Well, I didn't want to interrupt."

Wasn't that considerate? He didn't want to interrupt (so he let us interrupt the meeting instead). I don't know about you, but I'm willing to file that under "Irony".

After the conference had ended, all that was left was the clean-up and the tear-down. While packing up the percolator and silverware for the cafeteria, we realised there was still a bag of sugar left over. Not the original bag, though. This was an ordinary paper bag, filled with half a kilo of sugar. It wouldn't be sanitary to pour it back, but that was an awful lot of sugar to simply discard. Finally, I hit upon a solution:

"Why don't we pour it all down a gopher hole and see what happens?"

The concept was very well-received, but sadly, we never acted upon it. Not because we had any particular sympathy for the gophers... rather, piles of unidentified white powder tend to create a lot of concern in this industry.

Ah, well. It was an excellent week, regardless.

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