Back to the storyboard.

Sigh. I didn't think I was going to do it, but a six hour drive does wonders for one's introspective clarity. On that road, I realised, "Hey... I'm planning to do a comic strip about a secret agent, but I don't have any other characters in mind except for Agent Casey and all of the pop culture references. That's no good."

"No worries," I told myself, "James Bond meets up with an entirely different cast each adventure! So long as you've got Agent Casey, everything else will fit!"

"Gasp!", I gasped, "That only works because James Bond is cool enough to carry an entire movie all by himself!"

"Yeah, maybe we're screwed."

Like I said, clarity. But there's a way to fix this: I'm signing up for Script Frenzy after all. Now, I have no desire to become a playwright, but I'm going to sit Agent Casey down at a table, and he's going to have 20,000 words of conversation until I figure out what sort of character he is.

Who knows? Some of it might be entertaining.

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