He is driven.

I'm back from the mountains, and it was indeed a salubrious weekend. Well, maybe the drive home wasn't really healthy, per se, but red eyes and white knuckles on a black night are still an integral part of the experience.

Now that I'm back, I've got four days to get ready for my next road trip: Edmonton. As much I'd like to meet up with a few friends while I'm there, it probably won't happen. Why not? Because just like me, they're probably going to be out of town for the Easter long weekend. It seems to happen every Easter.

Come to think of it, it even happened on the first Easter. I can just imagine those ladies who visited the tomb...

"Well, that's just great... I came all this way, just to see him, and he's not even here."

"Did you let him know you were coming?"

"What? No... I just thought he'd be around."

"Did he tell you that he'd be around?"

"He said he had plans, but I didn't think he meant he wouldn't be here."

"I guess he had things to do this weekend. No big deal -- it happens to everybody. Come on, let's go get a bubble tea."

(Sigh) "I guess..."

As it ever was, so shall it ever be.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got just enough time to watch Sammo Hung's starring-role spectacular, The Magnificent Butcher. I've got a steak cooking even as I type this -- after all, popcorn would just seem wrong somehow.

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