Power politics.

Well, maybe this city is only 44% crazy. City Hall finally voted on the adult materials bylaw, and it was defeated 5 to 4. Does that mean my comic store can breathe easier?

Not really. One of those four was our mayor, and another one on that list proceeded to go on local radio the next day, bemoaning "the corruption of the democratic process" and that she will not "wash her hands like Pontius Pilate and forget this matter". Yeah, that's an actual quote. She's got self-confidence and conviction, that's for sure. Too bad she didn't have a sense of irony, too: otherwise, as she was speaking about democracy, she'd remember that just 4,657 of Medicine Hat's 62,000 citizens voted her in.

She went on to confirm that six years of discussion hasn't been enough; this will again become an election issue. That's this October, by my calendar. I had originally planned to sit this one out, and study things carefully before throwing my hat in for the 2010 election. However, a friend suggested that perhaps I just simply put my name in -- observe the political games from a front-row seat, and gain a little recognition in the process. It's a scary thought, but it makes sense.

Besides, it's gotten me thinking about my campaign. I've been learning from the competition: I'd need a central message with self-confidence and conviction. If I added a little irony, I'd be everything the people want, and more. And so:

What do you think? (In case you weren't living in Saskatchewan in 1996, here's the original.)

Of course, I'd have to re-stage the photo shoot, and find a barbecue. Still, I think it would find strong approval from a (very) particular demographic. You know, I could have some fun with this... and that's probably my first clue that I shouldn't run.


Wrex said...

I remember that ad. I loved it. Right on the good ol' Ring Road.

Were I to live in Medicine Hat, I'd totally vote for you.

TilJ said...

Loved. It. To. Pieces. You are my hero.

But the last line is all wrong! Do it because you'll fun with it. In that situation you can do no wrong, and the people will be intrigued by a new politician who has a smile that comes from adventure and not from plastic surgery.

Launch every zig^H^H^Hcomic for great victory!

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