Cultural development.

I felt a little bit guilty after writing that last post, so I went out to see if there were any cultural deposits* the initial survey team missed...

I found a clay museum.


Well, you have to do the best you can with what you've got, I suppose. After all, there were plenty of towns out there that had plenty of mud, and didn't do anything with it at all. And besides, if you trade all that extra mud for wood, you can easily get the two point bonus for longest road... oh, sorry. My mind, it wanders.

But, let's accentuate the positive. New Indian restaurant, dim sum and tailoring available simultaneously... oh, and last week, I found a café with a three-story waterfall inside it.

Three stories?

Sigh...sometimes it's a matter of skill, finding the hidden out-of-the-way spots. Other times, it's a matter of being blindingly obtuse, not to have noticed them earlier.

*(Technical note: I'm talking about negative-space culture here: the small percentage of our lives that isn't identical to the rest of North America. Otherwise, not only is the exercise pointless... it's kind of depressing.)

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