Woohoo! I used up the last of my three-month hamburger supply today! Unfortunately, now I have to get creative in order to use up 500ml of Worcestershire sauce. And don't say "drinking games"; I've gone down that road before.

In other news, Air Canada is going on the stock exchange. Personally, I think they're going in the wrong direction. Just think about it:

-Massively inefficient
-Highly unpopular, but tolerated by public
-Hemorrhages money
-Constant union battles
-Name fits "[NOUN] Canada" format

It seems like a perfect fit: the government should just buy Air Canada outright, and operate it as a Crown Corporation. WestJet might howl in anguish, but the list doesn't lie: nothing would change.

Speaking of the government, today I was donning the rubber gloves and giving the trailer an end-of-summer scrubdown. (Hint to aspiring scientists: make sure you like cleaning things.) It's not looking too bad, actually -- and rather than keep valuables inside, we're outfitting it with all our outdated equipment, so that it'll still look functional for visitors. It's the IKEA showhome approach... and don't think I wasn't tempted to put up a cardboard box painted to look like a gas chromatograph.

Anyway, it got me thinking. I've mentioned before how I want a cool callsign for our lab. Ziggurat. Discotheque. Barn Owl. Mutant. Right now, I'm actually leaning towards "Showhome". Just think how delightfully pretentious it would sound, out in the field.

A good day, but not so for the drive home -- I hit the "fog patch". You see, my route actually takes me past a "Fog Warning" sign, and fog does indeed accumulate right at that sign in the early evening, with the right wind. Is it a freaky mystical phenomenon? Is it masterful meteorology? No, it's the fertiliser plant on that street. That "fog" is actually vapourised pig. Hairy pig, too, from the smell of it. Possibly some wild boar in its heritage. Mmm.

Oh, and while we're thinking too much about aromas, behold: The next great movie that will never hit Medicine Hat theatres.

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bernie said...

I think I'm missing something....How is Bilingualism a problem for AC"s life on the stock market or as a Crown Corp?

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