I have a new respect for Dr. Strange.

I just got back from my class in American Sign Language, and my fingers are almost cramping. I just wasn't used to all those hand positions! The letter "k" was especially a killer for me. It's like a peace sign (which is actually "v", to Churchill's amusement and Nixon's chagrin), except that you lift the thumb off the two outside fingers, and hold it up between the other two. Maybe it's just me, but that's going to require some warmup stretching next time.

It was a great class, though. I love learning about the little intricacies in a language, and learning the reasoning behind them. ASL has a lot of charades-type signs (flexing the biceps=strong), but there are a lot of wonderfully clever touches, like how the sign for "meet" segues perfectly into the sign for "you". I could write a paper on little details like that... but right now, I'll settle for this paragraph.

It's also worth noting that as soon as we knew enough vocabulary, my friend Mario and I started to hurl insults at each other across the room. "You ugly!" "No, you ugly!" "You ugly and dumb!" As a wise man once said, the secret is to get that inner twelve-year-old working for you.

UPDATE: Since writing about coffee Coke, I've been looking at other unnecessary purchases. Today, I did a very bold thing. I made chocolate milk with milk, sugar, and cocoa powder. The trick is to mix the two powders together in the glass first. Then add the milk. Success! I'll never buy Quik again.

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