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Have you heard of Coca-Cola "Blãk"? Probably. Have you ever tried it? Probably not. Allow me to enlighten you, then: It takes like Coca-Cola with coffee added to it. It's not that bad, but it's yet another example of how we're always offered slightly new experiences under old brands. Caramel Coffee Crisp. Tropical Splash 7-Up. Eggos with Froot Loops (double whammy!). These companies are apparently terrified of trying to market a product that isn't 7-Up. Sadly enough, they're probably right in doing so.

The other thing that irks me about this is that you can add a teaspoon of coffee to a bottle of Coke, and get the exact same thing. You know, I'll bet that works with vanilla, too! Sigh... they give us an insignificant change to an old idea and we reward them for it with undying loyalty.

Sorry about the rant. In happier news, ever since a disk from my shaver popped out and fell down the sink, I've been using a razor more often. Smooth like Colt 45, baby.

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Alan Dedman said...

Yea, saw this on the desk of a colleague last week.... What I was most amused about, was that in addition to the usual sugar content of any regular coke beverage... there is also aspartame and cesulfame-potassium ... Very few bevarages are as bad for you as this one... both sugar to move everyone a little closer to getting diabetes and fake sugar to move everyone a little closer to getting cancer...

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