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I put on my jacket today, and counted ten distinct holes in the sleeves. The cuffs are badly frayed, the hood's missing, the drawstring's busted, the zipper sticks, and any resistant coating that once protected it has long since disappeared. What really annoys me, though, is that if it were a denim jacket, that would just add more character.

Speaking of character, I stopped by the Mad Hatter Roastery today, and the baristas were recording all the orders on a scratch pad of paper where the cash register used to be. To their credit, no one was stymied by the arithmetic, but it was still going to be a long day for them. I love that place -- things go wrong there with sitcom-like consistency. I almost felt guilty, dropping off a flyer for my NaNoWriMo presentation next week. That was the last of my flyer supply; now all that's left is to wait, and see how many people show up.

I still miss the Northern Lights of Grande Prairie, but at least the stars were out tonight. I came up with a few ideas for wrapping up Pile O' Bones, but the new novel still eludes me. That's part of the challenge, I guess.

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bernie said...

dude, part with the jacket. buy a new one and give this one to someone who needs it more than you....

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