Why a blog?

The Labville mailing list has been going for eight years now, and it's like a blog in many respects. I feel guilty when I haven't updated in a while. I deliberately avoid talking about stories when I want to write about them later. And, of course, I often fantasize of a vast readership.

So why should I make it into a blog now?

For one thing, I want to keep my security sheet clean at work. I figured that if my stories are broadcast far and wide over the Internet, I'll have no choice but to watch what I say. Or at the very least, I'll get the cease-and-desist order from Ottawa long before I cross the line.

Next, NaNoWriMo. I certainly don't expect anyone to read what I write this November, but the idea still appeals to me. Besides, NaNoWriMo is all about learning something by diving right in, and I haven't played with web sites since frames were a new feature (Not that I'll be fiddling with the template anytime soon).

Finally, I've realised that e-mail isn't the best format for long-winded storytellers such as myself. This format's a little more legible, and I also have more control over the line formatting. It always broke my heart a little when someone
would reply, and I'd see that they received my e-mail looking like

Hopefully, this will be a little more fun for everyone. With that said... Welcome to the new Labville!

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bernie said...

Congrats to Labville! Vive Labville and welcome to a new day in its evolution!

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