A new term has been born:
The pudding-cup band.

Here's an odd number: Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding. It's found its way into my brown bag lunch before, but there was a twist this time: It was Lemon Meringue Flavour. It consisted of a lemony-yellow base, and a meringuey-white topping. My hopes were high -- who wouldn't want a little slice of lemon meringue pie to carry with them? I dipped into the meringue first... and I was taken aback.

This stuff is firm. Cut-it-with-a-knife-and-lift-out-a-cube firm. As I pulled out the spoon, I could see the foamy white bubbles glistening. For squeezing something like this into a pudding cup, I was impressed. Then I took a bite... and I was taken aback further. Taken afront, even.

It tasted like lemon pie filling.

Digging deeper, I tried out the "lemony" portion of the cup. It had a smooth, pudding-like texture, but it also tasted like lemon pie filling. It was tasty pie filling, don't get me wrong, but that's still not something I'm comfortable with. When I order a hot dog, do I want the bun to taste like a weiner? Yeah, keep thinking about that... it doesn't get any better, does it?

Actually, this pudding cup is a good analogy for modern culture... It's got a brand-new look, and a different feel, in order to attract new customers, but it still leaves the same taste in your mouth.

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Denton said...

Full disclosure: I came up with the analogy, but my co-worker Mike was the one to start using "pudding-cup" as an adjective.

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