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I believe I was whining on Google+ just a few weeks ago about how Marvel has loads and loads of Canadian superheroes, and DC has barely any. Then, I read the new "Justice League International", and I'm somewhat mollified by the fact that it could be worse. I'm continually wincing at how brutally forced it feels every time someone's nationality is referenced. Here's a direct quote from the first issue:

"As long as Russian sinew and glory are represented, I vote yes. Da!"

You'll notice that he says "yes" twice, but perhaps the writer thinks that "Da" is just something Russians add to the end of all their sentences, like Canadians and "Eh".

Which brings us back to my initial point...

Apparently, they've taken Booster Gold, a character who's been in the DC Universe 25 years (and who's always been a part of my favourite comics), and announced that he's a Canadian.


He doesn't have cold-based powers, he doesn't have a red-and-white costume, he doesn't wield a cosmic hockey stick... he's not half-French, he's not a Mountie, nor is he excessively apologetic.

And, he's got a distinct personality.

It's almost like they took a football-playing, overconfident, attention-starved, likable and laughable guy (who happened to be Canadian) and made him a superhero.

It's all too perfect! I'm not even sure how to describe this feeling... It's like a cool kid in high school just walked up to me and said that he likes playing Dungeons and Dragons, too. I can't believe how wonderful this news is, yet I'm still suspicious that something's going to go horribly wrong with this. I'm already regretting the mean things I thought about him when he was popular, and I'm newly terrified that this might backfire, and he too might become unpopular and blame it on me.

This development may embarrass me yet like "drunken Russian bear as they say in Russia, da." But until that happens, I'm going to be buying a new copy of Justice League International every month, poring over his dialogue looking for little acknowledgements, and hoping against hope the writing (for all characters) improves.

I'm sorry to admit that my fandom can be bought so easily, but this is one of the best moments of my comic-reading life.

(What makes it even better, though, is the fact that Booster Gold is a time traveler from the 35th century. That means that in the DC Universe, Canada will survive the next 1400 years. Honestly, that's better odds than some Canadians are willing to give!)


bengerbil said...

Ah, but does he like Timmies, poutine, and Littlest Hobo?

Denton said...

And he's not a super-lumberjack, either! What's up with that?

You know, now that I think about it, this actually is perfect -- Booster Gold is the "Hollywood sell-out" of superheroes, the one with as many product endorsements as Krusty the Klown. Of *course* he'd move to the States as soon as possible, and avoid mentioning where he's from. That's how it works for Canadians in Hollywood!

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