One Light. One Camera. No Action.

It was inevitable -- I've started livecasting.

Not a "see Denton in his most intimate moments" deal, or anything. Mercy, no. But I will be broadcasting live footage of myself whenever I'm sitting at my computer desk this month. And, considering that this is National Novel Writing Month, I'll be sitting at my computer desk a great deal. I've even been playing with the camera software so that I'll sometimes broadcast what I'm typing, as I type it, with myself set up in the corner frame.

But even so, that's not particularly engaging, I admit. So, one other feature: Every night in November, from 21h30 to 22h30, I'll be "hosting" a "show". I'll talk about my novel, and the things I plan to do with it, and I'll also talk with anyone in the chat room during that time. (When you log in to UStream.tv, you get the chance to sign into a chat room which the show operator - that's me - can moderate.)

So, there you go. Say hi, or just make yourself at home and fix dinner while I work. Either way, here's the URL:


I hope this works, and that people get some entertainment value out of this. Wish me luck!

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