Kicking and Texting.

It's the dawn of a dark, dreary, digital day for Denton... I've finally got a cellular phone.


I can't even think of a good reason to object -- I've certainly imposed upon my friends enough times to prove to myself that going without doesn't work too well when you're visiting a city, and you want to say hello to someone. For a while, I hoped that my continued reliance on pay phones was a sort of charming anachronism, much like monocles or fob chains. Perhaps I was being overly optimistic, but nonetheless, the stark disappearance of pay phones in the world has made it a moot point. Much like monocles and fob chains.

So, there's certainly a good reason for me to get one. But why don't I like cell phones? Honestly, I think it's just a case of calcified persona. Simply put, until this morning, my self-image was that of a guy that didn't like cell phones. That's it. I didn't want one because I didn't want to change who I was. It was my schtick, my thing that I did.

Time to find a new schtick, it seems.

Maybe I can be the guy with a fob chain for his cell phone.


Joe said...

I feel the need to point out you told me you once possessed a cell phone before, even if you never used it.

Denton, a.k.a. Aquadeo said...

The more things change...

Wunsch said...

I've noticed an interesting result of the ubiquity of cell phones. More and more people have stopped wearing watches, and will pull out their cell phone to check the time, essentially using it as a pocket watch.

So just keep telling yourself that you have a modern pocket watch that happens to have some additional features.

Kiyoshi said...

It took my a long time before I got a cell phone, and at first I didn't even use it. But as the years wore on, I have found a use for mine. Cross-time-zone text messaging. It's about the only way we can organize things from Australia, UAE, KS of A, Hong Kong, Canada, US of A, and several other places. We're almost spread out over every habitable timezone.

Jayson said...

I actually just got one this past weekend as well - my first cell phone in 9 years. It is an awesome and terrible world. It's nice to enter with a friend or two!

Gypsyhick said...

Holy crap, finally.

I can now devote my time to sending you needless text messages, if you choose to give me your number. :)

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