The 10% gratuity is included.

The story can be told so simply and yet so completely, it's almost as if a haiku happened to me.

I enter a Subway sandwich store at 20h00 on a Saturday evening. Before I order, the youth comes out from the back room and says hello.

"Just so you know, we're out of bread."

"...bread? How does that happen?"

"Ehh, the staff screwed up. It happens sometimes."

See, this is why 1.5% unemployment isn't always a good thing.


Wunsch said...

Still not as bad as the time that KFC was out of chicken. And they didn't inform people pre-emptively about it, like this fellow from Subway did.

Anonymous said...

My parents were in the room when I started laughing after reading this. I had to read it to them. My dad's response: "I like the sound of this Denton guy."

The King approves, apparently.

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