Make a wish.

I almost made it to work this morning without having to pull over. Instead, there I was, 6:55 in the morning, standing knee-deep in the rain-soaked grass by the Trans-Canada Highway.

Really, though, what else was I supposed to do?

That's right: my faithful vehicle, Atanarjuat, has cleared 200,000km under my guidance in under five years. Jutah never hit that mark. Neither did Becuphalus, nor Soul Train, nor my parent's Buick. I've got further and farther for longer and later with this car than any other I've ever known. This is going to be the car that gets mentioned in my biography after I'm dead.

And I'll be proud to be associated with this fine chunk of Korean steel. Congratulations, Atanarjuat. Take a victory lap, then go get an oil change.

You'll need it.

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