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I think I've got it figured out. Nick Cave is the musical equivalent of a martial arts movie. You see, you watch them for three things:

1) The charisma of the lead.
2) Seeing the lead do awesome things.
3) Talking about those awesome things with your friends afterward.

It's the exact same vibe with the album "Dig! Lazarus! Dig!". Nick Cave howls out a sentence, and you're left stunned by its delivery. Then, you don't tell your friends what the song sounded like... instead, you say, "And then Nick Cave said this!"

You don't believe me? *ahem*:

I can see my buddy Doug tapping on the window
Hey, Doug, how ya been?
He hands me a book of holocaust poetry
complete with pictures
and he tells me to get ready for the rain...

So awesome.

Speaking of awesome, here's my latest project:

1. Save up about $250 that I can afford to lose on this.
2. Get a design done for a T-shirt. The slogan: "Denton Froese Brings The Snacktime."
3. Transfer this design to 30 T-shirts of various sizes.
4. Donate all shirts to Value Village and the Salvation Army.
5. Wait.

And then, one day, I'll be at a friend's friend's birthday party, and I'll introduce myself to someone. That person will do a double take, and then look at me with disbelief. Finally, they'll slowly ask: "So... did you bring any snacks?"

And I shall reply, "No, no. I don't bring the snacks -- I bring the snacktime. So, now that I'm here, let's all go for Slurpees."

I should have thought of this years ago.

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TilJ said...

That's an awesome idea! When you do it, I totally want one of the shirts. Interprovincial legacy, man.

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