Out of the Garden of Madness.

Well, I did take pictures, but there's not much about a collection of long-distance, low-light shots that make them worth sharing. Sorry. However, once you've seen Team Rocket try to capture Red XIII (of Final Fantasy VII) by throwing a katamari at it, it's hard to imagine the picture that would have done that costume contest justice.

Second highlight of the costumes: The fellow dressed as Indiana Jones who didn't just bring a whip, but could actually crack it. Rather terrifying, until we realised that unlike the real Dr. Jones, he wasn't making it up as he went along.

Most obscure costume: The final season of "Reboot"? Seriously?

"The Spirit of Cosplay" award: The man was about fifty years old. He was forty kilograms overweight. At least 10% of that weight was in his jowls. He wasn't an ideal Batman, and he knew it. That's why he was a perfect Adam West. Easily one of the crowd favourites (not counting the five-year-old Iron Man).

I wanted to see fandom at its finest, and I was not disappointed.

What did disappoint me? I'll get to that tomorrow.


Joe said...

I really wanted to go, but I wasn't in Calgary until Saturday late in the afternoon. I had bought a ticket in advance for Sunday, but apparently all the trains were down that day, so I couldn't really get there.

Denton said...

Too bad! I heartily recommend it for you next year, though -- I kept on looking twice at people to make sure they weren't you or Crystal.

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