Out of the Garden of Madness II.

Okay, this didn't disappoint me (that post is coming later), but this was definitely the most awkward moment at the Calgary Expo:

One of the visitors that day was a mentally handicapped young woman, who was posing with everybody in a costume while her friend/caregiver took pictures. She didn't know who Batman was, but she was having a great time, nonetheless.

At one point, another woman was walking by, wearing an "Aliens" T-shirt. It was pretty nifty, actually: there was actually a vinyl model of a "chestburster" sewn on to the front, with the graphic of a busted rib cage all around it. The first woman saw this and cried out. At first, I thought, "uh oh. Imminent trauma." But instead, it was a cry of joy.

"Baby! Baby!", she said, while petting the alien head gently.

The look on the T-shirt owner's face was one which I will quite possibly never see again. My friends, you can invite me to all the high society dinners you please, and I shall nevermore fear for saying the wrong thing; for I have now seen the true face of awkward.


TilJ said...

Pure. Gold.

TilJ said...

Stands the test of time too, I don't know how many times I've come back to read this entry and show it to people.

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