Jabkinder Surprise.

Applying for a passport online is a wee bit onerous, but no more than any other government registration process. It does, however, reward your patience about halfway through with this wonderful non sequitur:

For the record, "Jabkinder" returns no results in a Canada Yellow Pages search. In fact, the only result for a "Jabkinder" Google search returns only the screenshot you see above. None of which makes any sense, considering that Jabkinder is an awesome name. The next novel I write? I guarantee you, there will be someone named Jabkinder in it, and it will be their only name.

In fact... let's take this one step further. I propose that Jabkinder become the term used to describe a one-word name.

"Logan? Is that your first or your last name?"

"It's a jabkinder."

"Ah. Very good, then, sir."

I don't know if anyone else thinks this is necessary... but Mr. Denton has quite a bit invested in this idea.

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Hussein said...

You are a genius !.
Who would think of writing something like this in a blog, or even googling this name?.
Well I did !. :P
And I like your idea too.

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