My solemn duty.

It was a lovely brunch at the Zucchini Blossom this morning: homemade borscht with a dollop of sour cream and dill, a vegetable panini, and a big, soul-warming mug of eggnog latté. There's a good reason it's the most famous coffee shop in the city. As I paid my bill at the counter, I noticed a granite plaque on display by the register: an engraved re-telling of the origin of the name "Medicine Hat".

"That's a very nice plaque," I commented to the owner, who was ringing in my bill. "Where'd you get it?"

"Oh, from CanCarb. It's an award for "Small Business of the Year", she said proudly.

"Well, you certainly deserve it," I agreed. "It's a shame about the typo, though."

"Oh, yes, well... what?"

"See? Right here, in the main title. How Medicine Hat Got It's Indian Name. There shouldn't be an apostrophe right there."

Her voice became rather soft. "Oh."

"Well, thank you very much!", I said cheerfully, as I paid my bill and left.

Now, I like to pretend I'm a kind-hearted man. However, I'm just a little bit pleased with myself today, knowing that now, every time she looks at that plaque, all she'll see will be that apostrophe.

(Of course, I made sure to send out a polite e-mail to CanCarb customer service right away, as well. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.)

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