I still need an artist, though.

I haven't talked about my Agent Casey project in a while, but I've been using Script Frenzy as an excuse to flesh out some of the ideas, and I'm particularly proud of recent developments.

First off all, his department. Even if he is a CBC secret agent, he's still a government employee. Thus, his bureau has to have a suitably archaic, unweildly, and redundant name... such as the Ombudsman's Council of Canada (OCC). Even better, it's le Conseil du Ombudsman du Canada (COC), en Fran├žais. If I ever make this public, I'm registering www.occ-coc-gc.ca in a heartbeat.

Also, Agent Casey needs a last name. Fortunately, Casey is a codename, which leaves me free to use a fictional surname befitting a fictional Canadian secret agent: Intrepid. Casey Intrepid. I'm not sure about that yet, but it'll work if nothing better comes to mind.

Finally, I've got the title for my first story arc:

The Madness of Namxaw La: That's Al Waxman Written Backwards

And yes, it would appear exactly like that on the cover.

Hey, I'd want to read that.

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Wrex said...

It's like you're some kind of rockstar genius. Namxaw La? Brilliant.

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