You could get lost in those stars.

On Robbie Burns Day, everyone can claim to be a little bit Scottish. The same goes for Canadians on September 23rd: Leonard Cohen Night. Tonight, April 12th, it's Russia's turn.

Tonight's the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic 1961 spaceflight. Some might argue that the Apollo landing carries more relevance, but a) Yuri was first, and b) no one's billing the Apollo anniversary as a World Space Party. Happy Yuri's Night, everyone!

The World Space Party lists every party across the globe, but if you're reading this, the evening's probably over already. It doesn't matter, though. Rent Doctor Zhivago this weekend, make vodka your drink of choice on Friday night, or else just do what I'm doing...

After I write this post, I'm taking a thermos of coffee, and I'm going to drive 50 km away from the city limits. Then, I'm going to pull over, and have a midnight picnic under the stars. It's the clearest sky tonight that I've seen in months, and every now and then, it's important that we remind ourselves just why every human being since the dawn of consciousness has fallen in love with the stars.

добрый вечер (dobriy vyecher (good evening))!


Dave said...

In case I missed you on my bulk e-mail, happy Yuri's Night to you, too.
It's also the anniversary of the first shuttle flight, but I think that's just included in Yuri's Night so Americans won't feel left out.

Wrex said...

It's also my birthday. =o)

Denton said...

Happy belated birthday, Wrex!

And Dave, your e-mail was the inspiration for this little post -- thanks for the reminder.

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