Starting out.

Apparently, drawing classes in Medicine Hat fall into two categories: daytime courses at the college, or a course on how to perfectly reproduce a drawing of a broken-down cart by the old mill, courtesy of the arts-and-crafts supermarket. For a guy who wants to make a comic book in his spare time, those aren't great options. I haven't given up on the dream, though -- I'll look into rotoscoping next. Who knows? If I can learn how to make a halfway decent "Scanner Darkly" sort of effect, I might yet produce a story or two.

I really hope so, because I just realised the sort of story I could write about Tim Horton's...

Aside from that, there's not much else to mention tonight -- however, I leave for my first Tae Kwon Do class in half an hour. Hopefully, I'll come back with a pleasant story to share, but if I'm too tired to lift my arms, I hope you'll understand.


Okay, I'm back, and it seems like I'm going to enjoy myself there. It's rough where it's supposed to be rough (intensive workout, disciplined routine, plenty of duct tape on the target pads), and it's nice where it's supposed to be nice (clean studio, well-organised office, general lack of bloodlust). It's walking distance from my place, the other students are friendly, and I'm getting a decent workout that doesn't rely on J-pop.

Let's see... was there anything else I should mention? Ah, yes -- the total exhaustion.


G'night, folks.

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Laina said...

Yay taekwondo! Once you get better we can spar.

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