The funny things that live underground.

No posts this weekend -- I'll be off in Regina, rediscovering my heritage. You see, my old high school was Sheldon-Williams Collegiate, and our teams were known as the "Sheldon-Williams Spartans".

You may have noticed that the #1 movie in North America was "300", and its trailers consist of only the manliest men, all Spartans, all shouting, "We will die for Sparta!", among other single-minded proclamations. How could I not see this movie in my hometown? And although it's technically rated "R", I have no doubt that every student at Sheldon will have seen it by now, and will probably be seeing it again while I'm there.

I'm predicting they'll have a very good basketball season. Unsettling pep rallies, but a very good season.

Anyway, have a good St. Patrick's, and I'll see you on Monday.

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