I mean, I really want to believe.

Sigh. I'm still thinking about it, you know. I already said this about Captain Shrovewreaker, but I seriously need to learn to draw. Either that, or find an artist willing to help me turn "Agent Casey" into a comic book, because that's definitely where this belongs.

Butternut Square continues to develop in my head... "Finnegan" would be the codename for Mr. Dressup's personal bodyguard (who never says anything), one of their top underground informants would be Mr. WOO (it's an acronym), who speaks in rhyme and is surprisingly creepy when he moves his eyes around.

Also, I must have woken up on the obvious side of the bed this morning, because I realised that for a multi-millionaire, power-hungry criminal mastermind to usurp Canadian media, you can't do much better than someone whose name is already perfect for the job. But we'll save his character for a later episode. Here are a few other story ideas:

  • The Unnatural Things: David Suzuki is a smart guy, but he's no para-ecologist. When B.C. campgrounds get overrun by spectres, Agent Casey is called in to finish this campfire ghost story.

  • This Bomb Has 22 Minutes: As if the timer wasn't stressful enough, Casey has to defuse this bomb in two languages, or Ottawa loses half its civil servants! (Yes, of course it's a comedy. The trick will be telling a joke besides the obvious one.

  • The Littlest Robo: The New Wilderness only wanted to help people when they invented a cybernetic German Shepherd. Maybe they should have read more Michael Crichton books.

  • The Clones of Kensington: It's the question we've always asked ourselves: How much Al Waxman is too much? Agent Casey's about to find out.

  • Skinnamarinky-Dinky-Die!: Grab your elephant gun -- this one's not going to go down quietly.

    And believe you me, the phrase "skinnamarinky-dinky-die" will be spoken aloud in that last one. I don't really think I have a choice.

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: My brother turned 29 today -- I'm sixteen months older, but he's always been ahead by a century. Happy Birthday, Graeme!

    Wrex said...

    If I knew how to draw (and I so wish I had 1 artistic bone in my body, I truly do) I'd so draw this for you. Surely you have 1 friend somewhere who's decent at drawing? I know I'd read it.

    Denton said...

    Thanks for the support, wrex. I actually have two friends who are decent at drawing: one doesn't like comics, and the other keeps pushing me to draw my own. C'est la vie.

    Someday, though. Either by my hand, or someone else's, Agent Casey will become a reality. And while I wouldn't dare presume to put words in the mouth of Bob and Doug, rest assured that Casey's going to be visiting Elsinore Breweries at some point.

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