It could have been worse.

In my defense, I asked if he wanted to perform his experiment first, before I grabbed a bit of his specially requested chemical.

In my defense, I only needed five milligrams.

In my defense, none of the other twenty grams I spilled made it outside the fume hood.

In my defense, I cleaned it up using all the proper safety procedures, took full responsibility, and filed a full report.

In my defense, no harm was done.

And yet... I'm really glad this week is over.


Patrick said...

Hee hee. That is never a good sign! How much of said "specially requested chemical" was left? Hopefully a little...

But hey, what happens in the fume hood stays in the fume hood, right?

(Oh, in case you're intested, I just posted a "Name my Roomba" contest on my LJ page too, if you care to partake ;) )

Denton said...

/*But hey, what happens in the fume hood stays in the fume hood, right?*/


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