It's for research purposes.

Tonight, I dine on chicken wings while watching "Godzilla vs. Mothra vs. King Ghidorah".

Regardless of the benchmark you use to judge February fourteenth -- that's a pretty good Wednesday evening right there.

0 min: Whoa. Its full title is "Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack". The quality of this film has just improved considerably.

5 min: Interesting... according to the story, Godzilla was thought to be destroyed fifty years ago (in the first movie), although a monster attack on New York City last year has the army worried. They're actually acknowledging the Hollywood abomination in this 2003 production! Although they can't help but have one character comment, "I don't think that was the real Godzilla, though." Well, good for them.

15 min: Let me get this straight... those tanks can launch missiles, which open up their nosecone to reveal giant drill bits. Then, the drill clamps onto its target. Then, the drill starts to bore, itself being separately rocket-powered. Finally, when the drill has gone underneath the surface of the rockslide, only then does the explosive inside actually detonate.

Either that's the most extreme landscaping in history, or this is foreshadowing.

20 min: "The epicenter has moved underground"? In any other genre, I'd be throwing my remote at the display right now.

30 min: GODZILLA!

35 min: BARAGON!

37 min: Ouch. That had to hurt. No wonder Baragon didn't get his name on the title.

40 min: MOTHRA!


(Blogging disabled during fifty minutes of giant monsters battling, until the end credits)

ohhhhhhhhhhh, yeah.

That's definitely a quality Wednesday.

G'night, all!

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