Speaking of Canadian identity...

Tomorrow night, I'll be rummaging through the Old Electronics box in the closet, looking for a TV antenna. I've happily existed for years without seeing either a weatherman's face or the words NO MONEY DOWN... but this Tuesday night, I'll be tuning in to CBC at 20h30.

I'm not saying it's going to be good. In fact, I'm expecting it to be bad, if only to steel myself for the worst. But I really, really hope it's going to be great. I want a sweet, good-natured show that hits me in the face. I want to hear things that don't get said, and I want to hear things I should have thought a long time ago. Sure, it can be "funny because it's true", but I want to laugh with the truth, not at it.

Another thing is that I want to learn something about Muslim life. I know it's a work of fiction, but I have faith that if it doesn't get the important things right, it won't be funny. If I meet someone who a) loves Corner Gas, and b) realises we're not actually like that, then I know he's closer to the truth than he thinks. I'm counting on the same thing here.

Finally, no one else has made a North American show about Muslims. Maybe that should be reason enough.


neb said...

Uh dude... Corner Gas portrays things more realistically than the news does.

Denton said...

No kidding -- when was the last time you saw someone on the news drink a Pilsner?

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