Apparently, I went with the "weep softly" option.

The funny thing about the human body is that the more it heals, the worse it looks. Right now the injury looks and feels awful, but I choose to focus on the promise of progression. Actually, it's not that bad -- and besides, if I complain too much (i.e., at all), it's inevitable that someone will pop up and profess that since I've never lost 10% of my skin in a gas fire, I don't know what pain really is.

Sorry. Bedrest is making me bitter.

On the bright side, I've had an excuse to stay on the couch all weekend and play Hotel Dusk Room 215. The picture doesn't lie: it honestly is a hard-boiled noir mystery story dressed up like A-Ha's video for "Take On Me". Sadly enough, that video is still one of the top ten applications of comics in film... where was I? Ah, yes. The perfect past-time for a recuperative weekend.

I did make one foray out into the world yesterday, though: I picked up some brand-new boots and bindings for my snowboard. They even lace automatically! Just pull a single string, then clip it to the side of your boot. What a great toy innovation! Now, I just need to be able to look at them without shrieking in horror.

It's all part of the healing process.

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Gypsyhick said...

I hope your butt is healing.

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