The great ones make their own luck.

Wow. This has been a really good weekend. I mean, it was all right for me -- I finished Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, read the Rats of NIMH (not nearly as creepy as the movie, thanks to the absence of Dom DeLuise), and the "Folk on the Rocks" road trip is turning into a grand adventure.

However, I also heard this weekend about an artist, just one of many on the web, who draws fanart of The Simpsons. Then, for a change, she drew the whole cast in manga style. Neat, right?

Neater than you think. Bongo comics, the Simpson's comic publishing arm, was actually thinking of printing a manga-themed story as a joke. They contacted her from right out of the blue, and asked if she wanted to draw it. Incredible, right?

More incredible than you think. As she mentions on her LiveJournal, the Simpsons design team looked into it, and she was then offered a job as a designer for the new Futurama project!

I know in my heart that she is a good person; for I cannot conceive of such things happening to bad people.

However, that's not even the best example I've heard this week. There's a rumour going around about a dentistry student at the University of Michigan who's still in classes, and has already been offered a teaching position at Harvard upon her completion -- and she's still weighing that decision against her other options.

Now that's a person who better be of outstanding moral character. Fortunately, since she's my cousin, I can confirm that she is. Congratulations, Jill!

And, on a completely unrelated note, my mother phoned me up yesterday to ask me if I'd ever considered going back to university for a Master's.


Have I mentioned that Legend of Zelda is a really awesome game?


Anonymous said...

Apparently modern technology has yet to catch up with the speed at which mothers can convey news of their children's successes.... **sigh**

As usual, I must admit that the telephone wires got a little crossed (read exaggerated via a mother's pride) on this one...

The truth is that, although I'm in talks with several universities regarding future teaching positions, these talks are still very preliminary... and as my dad was quick to point out: 'Edmonton is a really nice place to live, and it's closer to Saskatchewan than Boston'.

As for right now, I'm happily playing dental surgeon to the willing, and looking forward to the day when my paycheck is higher than my shoe size. I do have one soon-to-be-realized goal, however: my plan to visit every continent in the world will finish by June of this year... and I even counted Central America as a continent (but only because I wanted to see Costa Rica!).

Keep up the awesome blogging, Denton! I love hearing from you.

Your cousin,

PS I hug Americans daily, just for you.

Denton said...

Don't worry; I already knew that there weren't any definitive plans and/or offers -- but it's still a pretty cool situation nonetheless.

And wait a second... every continent?


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