Agents Are Go!

Looking back on previous posts, you'd almost think I didn't play video games. Either that, or I was trying to be polite by not mentioning them. Regardless, the time has come for me to swoon over Elite Beat Agents.
Here's the lowdown: There's a secret organisation tasked to help people in their time of need. When they see someone so despondent that they break down and lose faith in themselves, the Elite Beat Agents appear on the scene to set things right. But they don't simply fix the problem. Oh, no. They break out the tunes, and dance until the person is able to overcome their doubts, and prevail!

  • The overweight son of a ninja clan/auto manufacturer is sent to recover the stolen plans for his family's next vehicle. As he maneuvers the laser tripwires, the agents break out the Jamiroquai.
  • A sea captain is mutinied, but he knows where the treasure is buried. While he presses on to find the sunken galleon, the agents dance to The Village People.
  • Earth has been invaded by music-hating aliens! Just when things look the bleakest, the enslaved population hears the opening chords of Jumping Jack Flash...

    The game is Dance Dance Revolution with a storyline... and it's essentially how Denton's brain works on the inside. Secret agents with style, offering tactical support in the form of funky background music -- you can keep your guardian angels and totem animals, thank you very much. These are the guys I want in my corner when the chips are down.

    I think it's a phenomenon we've all experienced: When the right song is playing, we know just what to do and just how to do it. We just move with the music, and it's impossible to do wrong. It's like we get the rare opportunity to be the heroes of our own story. It's not so much the music as it is the mindset, and it only takes the right riff to put you there.

    Oddly enough, this segu├ęs perfectly into the latest comic series I've been reading, but I'll have to talk about that tomorrow. Until then -- Party on, dudes.
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