I draw the line at buzzwords.

And so ends the 2006 Ottawa expedition. As always, I love visiting the city, and it's always good to see old friends. As for the training itself...

It was a fun time, and I met some really nice people... However, was it worth it? No, of course not. Did I gain a new respect for my job? None I didn't have already. Did I learn anything useful to my job? Nope. Did I learn anything useful at all? Nothing that can't be gleaned from a day of idly surfing everything the government's already built for that purpose.

Did it make me a more effective public servant? Surprisingly, yes.

My options were simple. Either I learn something from this mandatory course, or I don't. One option makes the program a total waste, the other doesn't. So, even though I didn't learn anything particularly motivating, I am going to make myself work harder than usual this Monday.

I guess it's a lesson learned through bad example.

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