Last night, I went shopping for a toothbrush, and I had to marvel at all the options in modern oral hygiene. There are multi-directional bristles, gum massagers, tongue stimulators, flexible soft-grip handles, dental floss attachments – and not a single one of them has more than medium firmness. Ah, well.

I picked out one with a modest number of features, and proceeded to the checkout. The 16-year-old girl at the cash register must have been in a talkative mood…

“Ooh! I like these toothbrushes!”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Especially the ones with all the crazy features on them, I love those.”

“Oh, so you like the tongue stimulators, then?”

At which point, I realise what this conversation must sound like. Quite honestly, at that point, she could have gotten on the intercom, disguised her voice, and paged herself to report to the manager’s office, and I wouldn’t have thought it less awkward.

On the bright side, it’s an awesome toothbrush.

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Gypsyhick said...

Good to hear about the purchase of toothbrush. I was worried about your oral hygiene and also wondering what one does with a friend's left-behind toothbrush. Shrink wrap and store? Mail?

I think I'll go with "dispose". Want a photo before I bid it farewell?

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