Day 4: No Talent Whatsoever.

"Hm," muttered Saab to himself. "Like I said yesterday -- you're either stupid, or you're anti-social."

One of the face-painted superfans heard him, and turned around. Alton braced for a confrontation, but the guy simply gave Saab a big friendly grin, and replied, "Yeah, but
if everyone else is doing it, it's a special kind of stupid!"

The sheer clarity of the statement was so accurate, it almost didn't register with Alton at first, bouncing off his shell of cynicism. But when it finally sunk in, it jolted Alton to his core. "My God..." he murmured, "he's encapsulated social stupidity!" And with that, he got up from his seat, walked over to the superfan, and embraced him like a brother.

Just a short excerpt tonight, but I'm proud of it (inspired by a conversation at work). What a great T-shirt either of those bolded quotes would make.

Oh, and I'm also pleased with the idea that Crime Against Comedy #4 is "No Talent Whatsoever". Really, it needs to be said.

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