Weekend road trip.

You know, I didn't even really spend all that much time in Edmonton. Seven months working in a grocery. A year and a half in Swan Hills, with weekends in the Chuck. A few months unemployed in the city after that. That was it.

And yet, I'm heading there this weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. It's funny how some cities can become home in a matter of days (Ottawa, St. John's, Saskatoon), while others will always be strange to you (Calgary, Calgary, Calgary, Vancouver, and Airdrie).

Sorry. As I said, Edmonton still feels like home.

At any rate, I'll be back on Sunday night!

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Cara said...

Been here almost 2 years. Still strange. Still not home. Still rather aggravating overall.

Maybe I'll just someday become one with this place. Or maybe I'll always be a visitor in the city I live in. I'm starting to believe that Calgary's meant to be an alien city for all who end up here, a Casablanca on the prairies...

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